The Benefits of Adding A Pergola To Your Garden

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I love spending time outdoors, reading favourite books like Wuthering Heights or having relaxing time with my loved ones. If you’re like me, the addition of a pergola to the garden can be a real asset, allowing you to enjoy the outside while still having the comfort of a roof over your head.

A pergola is a kind of outdoor room with lattices and cross rafters rather than solid walls. This creates a light, airy and inviting space in which to relax, dine or admire the nature around you. Pergolas can also themselves improve aesthetics in your garden with beautiful and functional design. It also offers further benefits, such as these listed below:

    • Pergolas create a visual impact in your garden, especially with the addition of a flowering and fragrant vine, which can be trained to grow up the lattice. You can find pergolas in numerous designs, styles and materials so there’s sure to be something to suit; you can even design your own.
    • In Australia, the backyard can get neglected in the summer’s punishing heat. A pergola is the perfect solution to this problem, offering shade and safety from the sun. If you have plants growing over the structure, these provide even further sun protection while creating an enjoyable nature-filled atmosphere.
    • Pergolas maximize your usable outdoor space and can provide a practical and enjoyable extension to your home.
    • If you suffer an unsightly view from your backyard, such as a terrible shed at your neighbour’s or a dying tree, a strategically placed pergola can be used to block these out and contribute to a sense of beauty and order in your garden.
    • Finally, adding a pergola enhances your garden and lends extra value to your property. These structures are perfect in terms of defining outdoor spaces.

Pergola-building may seem like a simple process that you can carry out yourself but appearances can be deceiving! It’s often best to seek professional assistance, even for relatively small projects like this. Northway Building are consummate professionals in this area give them a call for expert advice and assistance with your garden project.