Ways to Style Your Verandah

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Verandahs can end up being one of the most appealing home additions. A simple roofing style that extends over your porch area in front can add elegance and sophistication to your home, as well as offering great practicality as well with its ability to shelter you from both sun and rain. This extension allows you to relax, eat good food and enjoy gatherings outdoors whatever the season.

Some of the most common and basic styles of verandahs include railings that simply extend the length of the existing area. The most popular styles include curved, flat, gabled and bull-nosed. Once you’ve made your decision, there are ranges of innovative and creative ways you can style your verandah. We offer some suggestions below:

    • One of the simplest ways to style your verandah is stock it with comfortable chairs covered in beautiful fabric in a colour and pattern to suit your home’s exterior. For the finishing touch in functionality, add a side table so you can enjoy a cup of tea and a good novel while relaxing on your verandah. For additional colour and style and to make the most of the outdoor location, you can also add a beautiful potted plant.
    • If it’s long enough, you can divide your verandah into different sections for different purposes; for example, you could create an area for casual get-togethers with couches and throws and another for more formal dining that incorporates elegant sofas and candles.
    • Place a large movable table on your verandah which can be useful for a wide range of purposes. You could also consider furniture such as stackable stools which can be pulled out when a crowd arrives and then put away again compactly when you want to clear the space afterwards. Furniture like this enables you to be flexible with the way you use the space.
    • Install a hammock, the ultimate rest and relaxation accessory! Verandahs are perfect for these, with posts and supporting beams providing a great suspension area. Also, for an interesting and fun alternative to chairs, you could also think of using swings.

Whatever style you choose for your space, make sure it suits your taste and allows you make the best use of your verandah and its offerings of indoor-outdoor flow!

For expert advice on the installation of a verandah to your home, contact Northway building. We’re always happy to help!